Sources: Tech Savvy

1. A spherical central joint and adjustable flat diffuser give the user full freedom to direct the bright LED light of Artemide’s Sisifo where it’s needed, no matter how much space you have. Dimmable by just a touch, and featuring wireless power, this
state-of-the-art light is perfect for any surface.

2. Proving that there really is an “app for that,” Cree introduces the Connected Cree LED Bulb, the first smart LED bulb is compatible with Wink and ZigBee certified hubs to provide complete control from anywhere with an iOS or Android smartphone.

3. Blending technology with handmade and natural simplicity, the L’Eclisse Mini Speakers by FLOW ARCHITECH is a 6-inch powerhouse of sound. Handcrafted with layers of Baltic birch and available in two finishes, eight grill covers, and ten grill designs, the L’Eclisse Mini is the perfect contemporary companion for your music-providing devices.

4. In an era when people are constantly looking for a place to plug in, DuPont puts the power right at your fingertips with the Corian Charging Surface. The transmitters connect to compatible devices or wireless charging rings by use of magnetic energy to charge devices.

5. A collaboration between Wistiki and Philippe Starck aims to be the “end of loss.” The FOUND YOU! Collection, available to pre-order on crowdfunding plaform Indiegogo, has four beautifully designed options to help you find everything from your wallet to laptop by connecting the colorful tags to your smartphone via a free app.

6. The Divyde 2.0 by Slyde Charging Solutions aims to answer two open-office woes: Needing a space for secure storage, and the search for a plug. The Divyde 2.0 has four USB ports, two power receptacles, and a key or combination lock to provide a safe space for employees to charge their electronics.

7. Keeping the entire office constantly connected without the use of core drilling, the Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway provides cable management with an elegant finish. Being placed on top of the floor slab, Connectrac Wireways can be moved and adapted at any time without damaging the building foundation.