Sangeetha Karthik, vice president of Corgan, shares the details on the remodel of Adamson High School, a 100-year-old building that now merges tech professional and student spaces under one roof.

Royce Epstein, a+d design director of Mohawk, discusses millennial pink with EiC Kadie Yale. Over the last several years, pink has made its way into the design industry—but why? Epstein and Yale discuss its origin story as a gender descriptor, why it’s so prevalent, and how long designers can expect it to stick around. 

Aimée Wilder’s latest collection celebrates the beauty of underwater life with aquatic design.

The killer crystal is back. Banned in many applications since the 1970s, asbestos has been making a reappearance in the news over the last few days. Here we answer why that is, what you should know, and why you should be concerned.