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07.15.2019  |  By Valerie Dennis Craven
Gensler Re-Creates Iconic Texas A&M Tree Using Aluminum Wall Sheets

When architecture and design firm Gensler was working on Aspire College Station Luxury Student Housing for Texas A&M students, it wanted to bring in local touches. One way it achieved this was thr

07.15.2019  |  By Valerie Dennis Craven
How Buyers Can Get the Most from a One-on-One Hosted Meeting

Nothing beats the power of a face-to-face meeting. Consider these tips from event planners for how to make the most of your time during one-on-one meetings at a hosted buyer event.  

07.15.2019  |  By Adrian Thompson
USGBC Opens Call for Proposals for Next Version of LEED

The U.S. Green Building Council opened the call for proposals for the next version of LEED on July 9. Learn more about how you can submit your ideas and feedback.

07.12.2019  |  By Adrian Thompson
Celebrate Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary With These Space-Inspired Products

For the Apollo 11 50th anniversary, we’ve rounded up several space-inspired products and collections that can help you create an out-of-this-world interior. 

07.10.2019  |  By Sarah Kloepple
Armstrong Flooring Works with Master’s Students to Predict Flooring Trends

The global flooring company based in Lancaster, PA, has worked with  Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson) the past four years to foster real-world projects for surface imaging Master’s s

07.09.2019  |  By Irena Frumkin
Boutique Designers Discuss How to Make a Local Impact

During the April 2019 panel discussion event Designers and Architects Talk, presented by IIDA and AIA Chicago, four designers described what inspired them to start their own practices.

07.08.2019  |  By Bahram Kamali
Considerations When Renovating a Historic Building

When redesigning or renovating a historic landmark, consider the design of the neighborhood, façade and building use.

07.03.2019  |  By Adrian Thompson
Dive on Under: Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant is Open for Business

Located in southern Norway, Under is the world’s largest and Europe’s first underwater restaurant, and features breathtaking scenes of marine life.


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