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07.20.2019  |  By Janelle Penny
Smart Design for Shared Spaces

Occupants need space to get away from their desks and collaborate with coworkers. Flexible, inviting shared spaces enable a more productive work environment.

07.19.2019  |  By Sarah Kloepple
RxArt Comforts Young Patients With Imaginative Art for Children’s Hospitals

Nonprofit organization RxArt commissions artists to create imaginative visual art for children’s hospitals at no cost to the hospital, while paying the artists for their work. It’s all in

07.18.2019  |  By Robert Nieminen
Brentano’s New Clearwater Collection Is Inspired by Paintings of Water

Inspired by the purity of water, Iris Wang transformed her artwork into Brentano’s new Clearwater Collection of fabrics.

07.17.2019  |  By Valerie Dennis Craven
EDspaces Classroom Designs Showcase Trends in Educational Settings

The Education Market Association has selected six modern classroom designs to be featured at EDspaces—an educational facilities show/ expo. Attendees can experience these trendy, biophilic and a

07.17.2019  |  By Robert Nieminen
Authenticity and Community Make Good Design Possible

Design that helps bring people together in an authentic way can have tremendous impact on the places we create.

07.15.2019  |  By Valerie Dennis Craven
Gensler Re-Creates Iconic Texas A&M Tree Using Aluminum Wall Sheets

When architecture and design firm Gensler was working on Aspire College Station Luxury Student Housing for Texas A&M students, it wanted to bring in local touches. One way it achieved this was thr

07.15.2019  |  By Valerie Dennis Craven
How Buyers Can Get the Most from a One-on-One Hosted Meeting

Nothing beats the power of a face-to-face meeting. Consider these tips from event planners for how to make the most of your time during one-on-one meetings at a hosted buyer event.  

07.15.2019  |  By Adrian Thompson
USGBC Opens Call for Proposals for Next Version of LEED

The U.S. Green Building Council opened the call for proposals for the next version of LEED on July 9. Learn more about how you can submit your ideas and feedback.


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