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01.16.2020  |  By Robert Nieminen
Wellness Part 1: Biophilic Design - What It Is and Why It Matters

To kick off 2020, editor at large Robert Nieminen and guest Holley Henderson of H2 Ecodesign explore the world of biophilia and how to leverage biophilic design in interiors projects for the benefit o

01.15.2020  |  By Lara Shortall
3 Sustainable Interior Design Trends You Should Know About

We all have an opportunity to contribute to an overall healthier planet by considering the environmental and human health of the products and materials used in design projects. Here are three imp

01.14.2020  |  By Andrew Baqué
Design Students Learn Community Firsthand with Hospital Project

The challenge in working with community partners in an academic setting is leading students to see communities as equal partners and not just as resources for their project’s success. Find out h

01.10.2020  |  By Sarah Kloepple
Australia Bushfires and the Role Designers Play in Climate Crisis

In this Fridays By Design, Sarah Kloepple gives an update on the unprecedented bushfires ravaging Australia that are being fueled by drought and high temperatures. She also provides content that aims

01.09.2020  |  By Sarah Kloepple
ADA Elevators: What Are the Requirements?

Avoid liability by reviewing the ADA requirements for elevators in both new and existing buildings, and read about possible instances in which your elevator could be non-compliant. Learn more. 

01.08.2020  |  By Sarah Kloepple
How Hubbell’s Color-Tuning Technology Transformed a D.C. Law Office

Now located at the new District Wharf development, the Michael Best law firm is outfitted with Hubbell Lighting’s SpectraSync color-tuning technology. Read on to learn about its intuitive featur

01.07.2020  |  By Adrian Thompson
How Dyson’s Airblade 9KJ Can Save Bathroom Costs, Space and Mess

The Dyson Airblade 9kJ is a technologically advanced commercial hand-dryer that can help businesses save costs, energy, mess and more. See how it breaks down by the numbers.

01.03.2020  |  By Adrian Thompson
How Temple University’s New Library Uses Technology and Saves Space

The new Charles Library at Temple University in Philadelphia combines the best of modern day architecture and space-saving interior design to accommodate its growing student body and large book collec


Acoustics Considerations for Shared Spaces

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