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11.23.2020  |  By Robert Nieminen
Felt: A Mythic Material for Modern Times

Did you know felt is considered one of the oldest fabrics on record? In this episode, guests Steve Udolph and Taylor Hemmingway of CertainTeed talk about modern applications for this age-old and incre

11.19.2020  |  By Robert Nieminen
Cutting-Edge Digital Touch Signage Ups the Engagement Experience

Using LG’s new Transparent OLED Touch display is like interacting with colorful content in mid-air.

Mohawk Group Talks Health, Safety and Sustainability in the COVID Era

In this episode, guests Royce Epstein and Ramie Vagal offer their insights into the role that carpet and flooring can play in protecting the health of people and the planet in the COVID era, as well a

11.17.2020  |  By Roxanne Morris
Specifying Style and Durability with Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile’s high-performance features offer once-considered “behind-the-scenes” benefits that have now taken center stage.

11.12.2020  |  By Janelle Penny
5 Ways Buildings Can Improve Mental Health (Greenbuild 2020)

Buildings are capable of helping or hindering occupants’ mental health. Here’s how you can make sure your building is playing a positive role.

11.11.2020  |  By Janelle Penny
Sherwin-Williams Unveils Calming, Sophisticated 2021 Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams has chosen Urbane Bronze, a rich, warm brown with gray undertones, as its 2021 Color of the Year.

11.10.2020  |  By Robert Nieminen
Technology Is Revolutionizing the Surfacing Industry into a More Sustainable One

Cosentino is leading the charge with innovations in its manufacturing to reduce its footprint without sacrificing the natural looks of stone.

11.06.2020  |  By Adrian Thompson
5 Tips on How to Use Graham and Brown’s Color of the Year: Epoch

Graham & Brown recently presented its ​Wallpaper of the Year: Timepiece;​ and ​Color of the Year: Epoch. Read about each and how you can best use the new shade within a space.


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