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interiors+sources is a publication with an exclusive focus on commercial interior designers who have the decision making power to recommend and purchase products and services utilized in commercial structures.

Each issue provides commercial interior designers with timely, provocative news as well as behind-the-scenes research that impacts the business of commercial design. interiors+sources has a circulation of 31,500. 

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Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Stamats Communications Inc is a specialized marketing solutions company providing services in consulting, marketing, research, creative, traditional media, digital media, social media, live events, and business to business information.

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Robert Nieminen, Editor-at-Large

Robert Nieminen

Valerie Craven, Managing Editor

Valerie Dennis Craven

Editor-in-Chief(319) 861-5037
Christoph Trappe, Chief Content Officer at Stamats Communications

Christoph Trappe

Chief Content Officer at Stamats Communications(319) 861-5139

Mariah Obiedzinski

Director of Content Services(319) 861-5148
Michael Leonard, Digital Content Specialist

Michael Leonard

Digital Content Specialist(319) 861-5021
Eric Andersen, Digital Content Specialist

Eric Andersen

Digital Content Specialist(319) 861-5019
Katie Downing, Digital Content Specialist

Katie Downing

Digital Content Specialist(319) 861-5044
Janelle Penny, Editor

Janelle Penny

Editor(319) 861-5050
Adrian Thompson, Staff Writer

Adrian Thompson

Staff Writer(319) 861-5133
Sarah Kloepple, Staff Writer

Sarah Kloepple

Staff Writer(319) 861-5134

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Steven Sloan

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Karrie Laughlin

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Tom Davies

Tom Davies

Integrated Media Consultant(319) 861-5173
Jenna Rehberg

Jenna Rehberg

Integrated Media Consultant(202) 836-3141
Mike Stanley

Mike Stanley

Director of Business Development(610) 301-4248
Allison Kundel

Allison Kundel

Sales, Marketing and Editorial Coordinator(319) 861-5071

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Sales, Marketing and Editorial Coordinator(319) 861-5161

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Candy Holub

Candy Holub

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Morgan Thenhaus

Morgan Thenhaus

eMedia Production Specialist(319) 861-5169


Jessica Watts

Jessica Watts

Webinar Events Manager(800) 553-8878 Ext. 5137


Robin Melichar

Robin Melichar

Marketing Manager(319) 861-5053

Stamats Communications, Inc.:

Steven Sloan

Steven Sloan

Brand Director(360) 682-2435
Tony Dellamaria

Tony Dellamaria

EVP, Chief Sales Officer(319) 861-5047