The Adapt Collection draws its inspiration from nature’s astonishing combinations of textures, shapes, and colors that continually change and evolve over time.

Wayfinding is the use of signage, color and other design elements that help one orient themselves and navigate within a physical space. The most optimal wayfinding is incorporated into the initial design of the building but, if your facility is already completed, there are easy ways to integrate it into an existing floor plan.

The modern airport lounge provides the first stop in a passenger's destination, turning long waits and headaches into airport relaxation. From seating and finishes to lighting and amenities, Ginger Gee DiFurio and Beth Schmidt design many of the lounges, hold rooms and concourses shaping the passenger experience.

Editor-in-chief Kadie Yale sits down with Cara McCarty during Helsinki Design Week to discuss what the Finnish get right about accessible, universal design – and how America’s on the right track.

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