Save Energy and Improve Visual Comfort With New Natural Series of LEDs

09/25/2020 By Adrian Thompson

In 2020, natural light remains an ideal light source across a wide variety of commercial interior environments. It can deliver true colors along with feelings of comfort and happiness for occupants.

But when the sun goes down, or in areas where natural light is not an option, these benefits are often lost for users within the space. Now, designers and specifiers can deliver the benefits of natural light through the SYLVANIA Natural Series of LED lighting products with TruWave Technology.

Developed by LEDVANCE, the SYLVANIA Natural Series LED portfolio with TruWave Technology is the newest energy-saving LED lighting from the company.

The product’s signature TruWave Technology combines unique chip, phosphor and packaging technology to offer a high-quality alternative to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum, all while saving energy.

As a result, these energy-saving LED products enhance color contrasts without saturation and deliver less intense blue light to reduce eye strain, improve readability and support an improved sleep-wake cycle. They also deliver superior flicker performance, lower glare and notable dimmability when applicable, which results in better visual comfort.


“LED upgrades are typically driven by a perception that light is a commodity to be obtained at the lowest cost,” says Sally Lee, business development and special projects manager at LEDVANCE. “While light is indeed a commodity, lighting—the application of light to spaces—can be an asset, supporting design goals by providing accurate colors, visual comfort and enhanced space perception. These are worthy investments that can produce tangible value and should be carefully considered.”

The SYLVANIA Natural Series LED lighting portfolio brings the benefits of natural light inside commercial and residential spaces. There are numerous applications where SYLVANIA TruWave Technology provides value with its innovative approach by closely matching natural light, including: 

  • In education spaces, where students can benefit from reduced eye strain and improved concentration  
  • In hotel spaces, where business and vacation travelers seek to adapt quickly to new time zones and reduced jet lag
  • In hospital spaces, where night shift workers use artificial natural lighting to help maintain alertness  
  • In northern latitudes, to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during winter
  • Residential lighting requiring a combination of high color rendering and well-being benefits
  • In office and factory spaces, where workers with long hours under artificial light desire improved sleep/wake cycles

“We spend so much of our time indoors, whether we’re working (at the office or at home) or enjoying time long after dark. It’s easy to see why the natural spectrum would be a benefit in a residential, hospitality, extended care environment, but it would really be a lift to industrial settings where people are working in shifts, too,” Lee says.

The SYLVANIA Natural Series includes LED lighting products for virtually every part of a commercial or residential space, including a new undercabinet task light and kit, downlights, track, strip, volumetric area and pendant lights.

See how it can be applied to different commercial environments through the accompanying images.


In comparison to standard lighting conditions, it’s proven that students show faster cognitive processing speed and better concentration under certain conditions with special LED lighting.

Natural Series products offer full-spectrum natural light with minimal flicker and can bring the benefits of natural light to schools, classrooms and other learning areas.

Hallway Lighting in Education


SYLVANIA Natural Series has the full-spectrum attributes to deliver excellent color rendering where needed, such as for clothing and home furnishing stores.

Further, and in contrast to fluorescent and compact fluorescent products, these products can be designed into both spot lighting applications, as well as diffuse and ambient lighting products.

Retail Grocery Lighting


SYLVANIA TruWave Technology can provide wellness benefits for offices and similar workplaces by mimicking natural light. SYLVANIA Natural Series relies on a patented LED design, which mitigates issues of glare and the intense blue light that often arises from conventional LED products.

Furthermore, it provides good dimmability, low flicker and a natural light spectrum resulting in a comfortable experience while reducing eyestrain.

SYLVANIA TruWave Technology

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