VR Part 2: Behind the Design of Snowsound's new 'VeoCon' VR Showroom

09/16/2020 By Robert Nieminen

As the pandemic forced the cancellation of trade shows like NeoCon, manufacturers had to come up with new ways to introduce products, so Snowsound created a VR showroom instead.

In this episode, Sam Barry talks to Chief Content Director Robert Nieminen about the design, functionality and plans for this new, immersive experience. 

Listen now.

View Snowsound's VR Showroom:

Snowsound's new 'VeoCon' VR Showroom


Meet Our Guest:

Sam Barry, VP of Sales & Marketing, Snowsound

Sam Barry, VP of Sales & Marketing, SnowsoundSam began his career in design as managing editor of Architecture magazine before transitioning to Gensler, where he worked with clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, Aflac, Porsche and Starbucks.

Sam has later served as Director of Marketing for Shaw Hospitality and Shaw Contract, led his own boutique marketing firm, and as Director of A+D Markets for Kimball.


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