Chemetal Shows How Historic Brass is Used in Modern Design

Brass is a timeless metal that historically has marked the wealth, artisanal abilities and refined culture of emerging civilizations. It’s also long been part of Chemetal’s collection of metal designs and laminates.

The second-generation, family-owned company offers many brass finishes for interior spaces, as well as hundreds of metal designs, from its manufacturing facility in Easthampton, MA.

“Brass is a luxurious metal that enhances design spaces,” says Geoff Schaefer, Chemetal’s creative director and president. “There are so many possible variations in tone and texture.”

Out of its 200-plus metal designs and laminates, Chemetal stocks close to 20 different brass looks, including aged, polished, brushed and patinaed designs.


Many of the designs are made in-house, and since Chemetal is a metal working facility, it can create cut-to-size pieces like custom-sized panels and accent strips.

Schaefer says that while brass has always been a popular metal for the company, its popularity has increased recently, as designers specify warmer metals more often.

“We try to provide designers with so many metal design materials, and brass is a warm metal that brings such great energy to design spaces,” he says. “Variations like champagne brass, a desaturated cooler metal, are gaining popularity.”

Schaefer notes that brass shades can vary from yellow, almost greenish hues, to darker shades that are more bronze.

For those looking for a more neutral shade, Schaefer adds that Chemetal offers aged brass options, which tend to have less colors present and typically work in more environments.

“Chemetal sees aged brass, and the company’s metals in general, used in so many surprising and different ways in commercial spaces,” he says. “It’s always impressive to see how designers are using it to create a deeper sense of luxury and permanence.”

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Catch a glimpse of how some spaces are using Chemetal’s brass products through the following images.

Photo: CAP Beauty at Fred Segal In West Hollywood, CA, Fred Segal’s CAP Beauty retail store displays Chemetal’s polished brass aluminum for its millwork; Credit: Chemetal Photo: Sturgill Orthodontics Tennessee-based Sturgill Orthodontics specified aged brass for its eye-catching reception desk; Credit: Marc Murphy Photography Photo: Peloton’s New York location utilizes brushed brass aluminum in the spin studio’s entryway and reception area; Credit: Chemetal