New Line of Markerboards Combine Work and Play (NeoCon 2019)

06/13/2019 By Adrian Thompson

Claridge is changing the game for traditional whiteboards and markerboards. The certified woman-owned business displayed a complete line of writing surfaces, space creators and accessories at NeoCon 2019 that combine work, play and pleasing aesthetics into a sleek, customizable package.

Claridge markerboards

The new MIX line, in particular, truly showed the span of offerings Claridge has created since its start in 1947. MIX is more than just a whiteboard or markerboard—it’s a multi-purpose furniture line.

Ditch the Whiteboard—MIX Up Your Markerboard

A collaboration between Claridge and Q Design, MIX customizable mobile and wall-mounted markerboards can serve as space dividers, biophilic walls and sound-absorbing acoustic panels.

Claridge MarkerboardsThe collection features three distinct styles: Industrial, Contemporary and Biophilic. Nearly every component of the boards can be customized, including:

  • color
  • wood finish
  • writing surface
  • optional metal tray
  • metal base
  • accent strip

The Biophilic style features a markerboard on one side and a green design element on the other, perfect for when the board isn’t in use. The all-natural biophilic panels retain their vibrant, fresh-cut look for 10+ years, which gives designers a creative, long-lasting option for nature-themed interiors.

The all-natural preserved plants do not require water, sunlight, soil, misting or irrigation. The Biophilic style is available on the MIX Contemporary and MIX Industrial Mobiles.

Responsibly Harvested Materials

Claridge MarkerboardsClaridge also showcased a sustainable ash-frame for MIX that aligns with the company’s green initiatives.

As an FSC-certified manufacturer, Claridge uses a proprietary harvesting and production process where in-house craftsmen construct MIX’s solid ash wood frames with portions of trees unaffected by the destructive emerald ash borer beetle.

The company uses landfill-destined ash lumber and integrates recoverable material into MIX’s hardwood frame.

Work Hard, Play Hard—Multi-use Markerboard

Claridge’s products are different because by utilize both sides of the markerboards—even for when people just want a quick break. The PLINKO option is a non-bulky way to have some fun. When you’re done, simply flip it back to the markerboard side to continue working.

From the classroom to the boardroom, Claridge’s products turn workspaces into idea places.

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