NEOCON 2019: Brentano Founder Shares Her Tips to Stay Creative

06/11/2019 By Valerie Dennis Craven

Every year at NeoCon, you can expect the latest and greatest releases and information in the world of interior design. In some instances, it’s a new product. In others, it might be an update to an existing product. Either way, keeping one step ahead with fresh ideas is critical in design.

For Iris Wang, founder and artistic director of Brentano, that means always being creative and keeping ideas and inspiration active in her mind.

Listen to the conversation between Christoph Trappe and Iris Wang, founder and artist director of Brentano:

You can also read the transcript here:

“Things that are new have usually been brewing in my mind for a long time – as long as 10 years,” Wang tells us from the NeoCon 2019 show floor.

Creating new fabrics is an art that doesn’t just happen, she explains, but rather, it’s a process. “It has to brew and mature,” Wang says.

This process happens because she has many inspirations and a reservoir of ideas that don’t dry out, as she says.

Wang stays creative in a few ways:

  • Meditation, which can help you keep focused on what you do and understand priorities.
  • Staying calm
  • Addressing one item at a time. When that’s done, give your attention to the next item, and they will all go quickly and be less overwhelming than working on a few items at a time.

New at NeoCon 2019

Brentano is introducing the Clearwater collection at NeoCon, something that has been on Wang’s mind for a while. “I’ve wanted to do a theme like this for a long time,” she explains.

Led by the idea of conservation and having water stay clean, Wang used her painting background on this project to paint a pattern that was made into the fabric. Of the collection, “It’s about water so clear, you can see the reflection of the greens.”

Wang’s passion for nature and water conservation resulted in advanced weave constructions; more additions to Brentano’s eco-friendly fabrics; and new performance fabrics, including both an indoor/outdoor, solution dyed acrylic velvet, Lutra; and all-season indoor/outdoor, ink-safe faux-leather, Triton, according to a press release.

The collection launches August 1.

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