Brentano to Launch Clearwater Collection, Inspired by Original Artwork, this Fall

05/16/2019 By Sarah Kloepple

At the 2019 HD Expo in Las Vegas, NV, there were beautiful, nature-inspired textiles on full display at the Brentano booth. Many were part of the fabric company’s forthcoming fall collection, Clearwater, launching August 1, 2019. Brentano gave HD Expo attendees an exclusive first look.

The collection takes much inspiration from the original artwork by Brentano founder and design director Iris Wang. Her “background is in fine art, which leads to beautiful fabrics,” says Paul Templeman-Holmes, Brentano’s global vice president of sales and marketing.

For example, Fontaine is the leader of the Clearwater collection, he says, and was first painted as a watercolor in Brentano’s Wheeling Studio. The high-performing upholstery pattern is meant to mimic reflections of light as it hits the water.


Wang’s passion for nature and water conversation also contributed to the inspiration behind Clearwater. One of the biggest trends in hospitality design that Brentano sees now, Templeman-Holmes says, is the growth in performance fabrics, specifically indoor/outdoor.

Brentano Clear Water Textile Collection
Fontaine – Launching Fall 2019 – Brentano Clearwater collection

To that end, the Clearwater collection will also include Lutra, a 100-percent solution-dyed acrylic indoor/outdoor velvet fabric; and Triton, an indoor/outdoor, ink-safe faux-leather. “This is really going to be setting the standard,” Templeman-Holmes says.

Clearwater will also be on display at NeoCon 2019 in Chicago, with Fontaine as the center feature.