Tracy Glover Studio Supports Artists’ Livelihoods With Seasonal Décor

01/25/2019 By Adrian Thompson

1The Tracy Glover studio recently released its seasonal Heart Bowls, a series of hand-blown vessels that not only make the perfect gift for your Valentine, but also give back to artists in need.

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund+ (CERF+) is a nonprofit organization that safeguards artists’ livelihoods nationwide by providing a safety net when disaster strikes—a situation Tracy Glover understands all too well.

“In 2010 there was a 200-year storm, and I lost my glassblowing studio in a flood. CERF+ sent me a check within days so I could use the money for immediate relief while I waited for FEMA and some insurance to kick in,” shares Glover. “I felt so supported and grateful. Now, I am happy that I am able to give back so that other craftspeople and artists can experience the same when they have a catastrophe.” As part of the studio’s Giving Back Campaign, Glover donates 10 percent of the sales from each Heart Bowl to CERF+.

A History of Helping Others

This isn’t the first time Glover has donated a portion of the sales from her studio’s glass blown products, which include tabletop décor, lanterns, lighting and vases. She first started off by supporting One American Appeal, a flood relief fund set up by past presidents, and then began donating to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

“Hurricane Maria inspired me to create a Hurricane Lantern for charity,” says Glover. “I picked One America Appeal, specifically, because I had read an article about it and I liked that it was a bipartisan effort of both Democratic and Republican presidents.

Glover adds that, for now, she plans to continue donating to CERF+, especially since many artists have lost their studios in recent years from hurricanes and intense wildfires. All of her tabletop décor, including the Heart Bowls, End of Day cups and bowls, bottles and decanters donate to CERF+ and are available through the studio’s online shop.

How To Get Involved

Like many public charities, CERF+ relies on donors to provide vital financial support to artists. CERF+ has already helped dozens of artists recover from unexpected situations such as injuries on the job, natural disasters and studio fires. Along with monetary donations, you can also on CERF+’s website, where safety guides and posters are available for purchase through its “shop to give” program.