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Retractable Walls Get a Face Lift

10/15/2018 By Kadie Yale

Retractable walls have long been used in interiors, but designers don’t have to choose between function and form. Tudelü has been providing custom retractable walls since 2015, creating visually stunning barriers for personal, hospitality and professional spaces. Available in over 100 color, fabric and pattern combinations, as well as the ability to be designed with custom images and logos, the panels are designed, engineered and manufactured in the New York Metro area.

Check out below how Tudelü was used in a school, hotel and office.

Retractable Walls in this article: Trinity Episcopal School | The William Vale Hotel | InSites Consulting Office

Trinity Episcopal School

Retractable wallsRetractable walls

Within the Trinity Episcopal School stands a Tudelü custom 20-foot-wide wall that separates English and Social Studies classrooms. Faculty can easily operate a key switch to retract the wall into housing that's concealed within the ceiling for times when the space hosts larger, open lectures. Both sides of the wall sport custom graphics of full world maps that are both educational and attractive.

Photo Credit: N/A

The William Vale Hotel

Caption: Tudelü’s Double Wall Systems were installed in the meeting space at the beautiful, William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. Most often used in hospitality spaces to subdivide conference rooms or meeting spaces, the wall systems can also be used to close off breakfast kitchenette areas, or larger room suites.

Photo Credit: Eliau Piha Studio Photography

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InSites Consulting Office

Caption: A two-toned Tudelü wall located within the InSites Consulting office divides the conference room and lounge area. A bold graphic faces the lounge area, and orange and grey felt on the opposite side faces the conference room for added acoustic benefits. The space easily transforms into an event space when the wall is open, which is used for larger client meetings and events.

Photo Credit: Eliau Piha Studio Photography

Retractable Walls in this article: Trinity Episcopal School | The William Vale Hotel | InSites Consulting Office