Custom Design: Moodboard Maker


“When you design a space, you’re not just putting together a room. You’re combining materials, textures and furnishings to tell a story about who you are and what matters to you,” said Julie Eaton, vice president and general manager for Corian® Design.

“We wanted to create a more inspiring experience for the design process that enables customization in a way that can be easily shared or live on as an art piece once a project is complete,” added Eaton.

Custom Design for All

Starting today, consumers and designers are invited to connect with their own personalized sense of style to create their own Corian® Moodboard. Through this simple and artful experience, users select a style that represents their own design personality – customizing with different shapes, aesthetics, textures and even upload their own photos. Once finished, the Corian® Moodboard can be shared to a social network of choice, saved to smartphone camera rolls, or even sent to a printer for framing - creating a copy that can be hanged in a finished room representing the inspirations that created it.

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