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Sorenthia Grand Chandelier Makes a Stunning Statement

05/15/2018 By Adrian Thompson

The Sorenthia Grand Chandelier designed by Asher Rodriquez-Dunn of the Rhode Island-based company Studio Dunn is as distinctive as it is dynamic. Inspired by shimmering branches of sea kelp, the statement piece uses a combination of custom cast, machined, and spun metal pieces to create the elegant arms, which can be adjusted to the user’s liking.

Studio Dunn partners with local artisans, manufacturers, and suppliers to responsibly source its production methods and respect natural resources. Each Dunn creation, including the Sorenthia Grand Chandelier, is handcrafted upon order in the Rhode Island studio and is a contemporary interpretation of a mid-century modern aesthetic. Keep scrolling to learn how it breaks down.

Project credit: Studio LIFE.STYLE.
Photo credit: Diana Relth

6 arms



12 LED bulbs

8 to 10 weeks to manufacture

5 finishes

including Brushed Brass, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Brass, Country Cream (powder coat), and Black Poppy (powder coat)

10 people needed to create


7’ to 9’3” length options

31 fixtures built today

$6,822 list price

90 percent of the manufacturing done in Rhode Island

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