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Adapt Configurable Space Dividers

by Safco

Basswood Elementary School in Maple Grove, Minn., uses Adapt Dividers to denote nook spaces in its media center. They help provide collaborative learning spaces to work in small student groups for activities such as reading, band lessons, and homework help. These dividers help create a welcoming environment, which aids students in finding focused spaces.
08/01/2017 By Ryssa Marquez

Safco Safco

Adapt Configurable Space Dividers are a collection of movable dividers that allow users to manipulate spaces without constructing permanent walls. They are a low-cost solution to altering existing open areas to smaller, semi-private collaborative spaces. The product’s flexibility allows for the fast and easy creation of separate sections of an interior for meetings, learning zones, or personal workspaces. Furthermore, the Adapt fabric is customizable for various settings and design needs. Adapt Dividers are ideal for use in educational, hospitality, and corporate environments.

Ryssa Marquez is an industrial and architectural designer from the Bay Area. She recently graduated with her master’s degree from the School of Design at San Francisco State University.

Photography by Andrea Rugg