Music to Your Ears…and Eyes

Audio devices from yesteryear influenced elements of Waterworks Studio’s latest line of bathroom fittings.

05/01/2017 By Jenna Lippin

Waterworks Studio Waterworks Studio Waterworks Studio

Waterworks Studio CEO and Creative Director, Peter Sallick, found inspiration from a nostalgic—and unlikely—source for the company’s Decibel collection, launched last month. The new line of bathroom fittings and furnishings is meant to mimic elements of audio-playing devices from the 20th century, with turntable knobs and needles being two focal points for the designs.

“The turntable was the starting point,” Sallick explained. “I grew up with that, found and listened to music on it, and experienced touching its different parts. When we started this project, I’m not sure we understood how the turntable was becoming so relevant again. We were more focused on the vintage look. With mid-century modern methods—20th century methods—coming back, the product launch has two meanings now.”

Sallick worked with Waterworks’ in-house design team, with Decibel conceptualized and developed through a group effort. “We often go through the process of finding inspiration and gravitating toward something we just fall in love with,” he said. “In this particular case, we looked at a range of different potential ideas, and these 1970s amplifiers and turntables became something we all responded to really quite emotionally. We thought the details were cool, and we responded to that with our ideas. It was different and original, and what happened was exactly what you want—there was an emotional response. The second we saw it we knew it was the direction in which we wanted to go.”

Photography courtesy of Waterworks Studio