11 Ways to Finish A Corner


Author: Abe Dickison, Marketing Manager, Trim-Tex


90-degree corners might be the norm, but it does not have to be that way. There are a lot of corner finishing options on the market. Some popular non-traditional corner beads include, Step A Bull, Niche Bead, Reveal Corner Bead, Bullnose Bead and Chamfer Bead. 

Step A Bull and Niche Bead are exclusive Trim-Tex corner beads. They are great for creating decorative finishes on soffits or around windows and doors. Both products add a traditional finish to the room that is more interesting than a standard 90-degree corner. Niche Bead creates the appearance of millwork quality upgrades, but at a price far less than wood carpentry. Integrating Step A Bull and Niche Bead into homes creates value far above the cost of the products and is as easy as installing corner bead. 

Trim-Tex recently unveiled the brand new Reveal Corner Bead. This product creates the look of drywall layers without needing to install a second sheet of drywall. Reveal Corner Bead excels at adding a simple and modern accent with clean straight lines. 

Bullnose Beads are extremely popular throughout the industry, but Trim-Tex has the largest selection of Bullnose Corner Beads and accessories. Unlike metal Bullnose Bead that cannot hold their round shape without being easily damaged, Trim-Tex Bullnose Bead is made out of rigid vinyl, making it dent proof. 

Finally, Chamfer Bead is especially great for commercial projects. Chamfer Bead produces two sharp, crisp lines on every corner. Architects and clients both love the unique, clean finish of Chamfer Bead.

All of these popular products are made from rigid vinyl and available through Trim-Tex. Rigid vinyl is made through the process of vinyl extrusion, which allows these beads to have unique shapes at an affordable cost. Shape possibilities are limitless with vinyl extrusion. In addition, vinyl never dents, rusts or molds and vinyl corner beads finish with straight, clean edges, unlike the rounded edges of metal corner beads.

Just think, these five corner beads are only a fraction of what is available through Trim-Tex’s 11 Ways to Finish a Corner. A 90-degree corner does not need to be the standard any longer. Offering clients additional ways to finish a corner is a great tool for contractors. Plus, contractors can make more money and create beautiful custom homes. Never look at a corner the same! 


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Learn more about each of the 11 Ways to Finish a Corner below.

1. Reveal Corner Bead
2. 350 Chamfer Bead
3. Chamfer Bead
4. Rigid Low Profile Corner Bead
5. 350 Bull
6. ¾" Bullnose
7. 1 ½" Bullnose
8. Niche Bead
9. 1 ½" Step A Bull
10. ¾" Step A Bull
11. 350 Step A Bull