Telling a Story

Teknion’s Boston showroom captures the essence of a brand and the vibe of the neighborhood.

01/27/2017 By AnnMarie Martin

When i+s paid Teknion a visit this past fall in its new Boston showroom, there was already a nip in the air.

“This is a taste of it,” said Teknion A&D Market Manager Lisa DesJardins, referring to the cold winter months ahead. They’ll be particularly difficult this year, after enjoyable summer weather in the new location directly across from the financial district and Quincy market, with an inviting greenway just outside the windows which was host to yoga classes, corn hole games, and even rotating art installations.
That sense of community definitely made its way over to the Michael Vanderbyl-designed showroom, with gathering spaces scattered about, ranging from intimate to the more the merrier.

“It kind of pulls you in,” DesJardins said. Furthermore, staff can stand directly in the middle of the space with a view of every single workstation and the ability to talk to peers. Customers can decide what they want to gravitate toward.

Here, i+s offers a look at all of these little nooks and crannies that make Teknion’s new space exceptional. From not just intricate but also functional details, to bright and aesthetically appealing pieces that help make meaningful connections, the company’s Boston home certainly displays all that is true of Teknion.

There’s always someone taking advantage of the Harvest table, which takes the place of a reception desk as it greets guests immediately upon entering the space. In an interesting reversal of roles, it’s also used for meetings and conferences while the actual private conference rooms host quiet, individual focus time for employees and guests.

Directly to the left is a lounge area (see below) with a variety of seating options from Studio TK, including (from left to right) the Cloud, the Qui Ottoman, and Metropolitan ’14. Studio TK is Teknion’s brand of ancillary lounge furniture that focuses on providing designers with social applications that support today’s evolving workplaces.

Another popular gathering spot is on Teknion’s DNA, which was placed to the right of the Harvest table, directly in front of a flat-screen TV, where presentations can be made…or movie nights held.

The Luum wall and sample drawers are a colorful presence in the showroom. “Everyone takes [the samples] out, and moves and plays with them,” DesJardins said. “You want [people] to touch and feel it.” The Luum line of textile collections—formerly known as Teknion Textiles—is designed by Suzanne Tick, known for her use of color, but even more so texture. Luum comes standard on all Teknion furniture. “The name connects with Suzanne in a big way because she’s a weaver,” DesJardins added. Luum is a separate entity from other Teknion offerings in an effort to broaden its availability on other furniture brands.

The abundance of natural light in the space is a stand-out asset. It warms meeting areas and accentuates the functional details of featured Teknion pieces, such as the Livello Height-Adjustable Table at left. i+s Deputy Editor AnnMarie Martin also met with Regional Manager David Fallon, below. He explained that product will be changed out seasonally, similarly to a retail space.

Photography by Daniel Ebersole