Good Support

The recently launched collective seeks to collaborate with like-minded people and organizations to help empower worthy causes and educate small communities—and society as a whole.


Good Support, a collective of women led by Gretchen Jones, who was a contestant on season 8 of “Project Runway,” is working to bring awareness to civil engagement. The group launched its online presence, including its first limited-edition capsule collection, in January.
Good Support offers limited edition collections of wearable items created in partnership with a series of creatives, currently including Thief & Bandit, Piper Dalton, and Heart of Gold to comprise Collection One. The proceeds from the sale of these revolving pieces will be donated to organizations working on behalf of social and environmental justice. The makers of the goods will be compensated only for the cost of the product, but not at mark-up, and Good Support will keep only what it needs to cover its basic costs. Everyone behind the scenes at Good Support is donating time and talent.

How to Get Involved

Items from each Good Support limited edition collection will be available at Guides to upcoming demonstrations—
which include location, clothing suggestions, and information on safety—are also available on the Good Support website. A survey to complete regarding interest and goals related to the collective can be viewed and completed on the site’s Registry page. Activities for civil engagement are also listed online. Good Support suggests you research its regularly suggested topics of interest (sent via its newsletter) in any way that feels comfortable to you. It could be a Google search or going down to your city and county buildings and asking questions. Learn more at

The website featuring Collection One items is also the platform for a social initiative led by Jones and a team of creative and professional women from California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Canada. This feature of the collective organizes topics and themes for discussion and self-actualized learning, and encourages civic and social participation in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Overall, Good Support is a collective of people who believe that the first step toward a just society starts at home. The project seeks to utilize social media for its potential to bring people together. It believes that mutual support and education are an avenue for creating a better future. Good Support is “not trying to speak for all of the people, but trying to give all of the people room to speak.”

Future collaborations, events, activities, and inspirations will be posted to the site on a quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis.

Photography courtesy of Good Support