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Specifics: Hospitality

We survey designers from five notable hospitality firms to see what products they’re specifying now.


Compiled by Robert Nieminen, AnnMarie Martin and Adam Moore

We see a lot of beautiful and innovative products on a daily basis, but we don’t work with them like you do. In that spirit, we asked designers from five notable hospitality firms to pick out some of their favorite products that they’ve specified recently or are planning on using in an upcoming hospitality project. Without further adieu, here’s a rundown of the pieces and surfaces that they chose, and a sampling of spaces where you can see them in action.

Beth Anne Krynicki, Senior Designer

Large Jacquard by Missoni
Used in: The Address Hotel, Marassi, Egypt
Krynicki says she specified this colorful jacquard to make an immediate impact within guestrooms at The Address Hotel. “It’s a classic pattern, modernized by bold color—it makes a great statement within a modern Tuscan interior,” she adds.

Minaret pendants by Niche Modern
Used in: The Address Hotel, Marassi, Egypt
“The seeded glass texture combined with its arabesque modern shape worked perfectly within our Tuscan-inspired interior, merging both design and region,” Krynicki says.

Chevron Capiz Shell wallcoverings from Astek Wallcovering
Used in: The Address Hotel, Marassi, Egypt
Krynicki picked these wallcoverings because of their ability to provide a luxurious accent finish on a budget.“The subtle pattern creates a beautiful texture which not only accents a space but also becomes an art piece onto its own,” she adds.

A rendering of The Address Hotel in Marassi, showing the use of the jacquard print by Missoni Left to Right: Jacquard print by Missoni, shell wallcoverings from Astek, Chevron Capiz Shell version specified by DiLeonardo
Minaret pendants from Niche Modern take their inspiration from the slender towers that adorn Moorish architecture A rendering showing Minaret in The Address Hotel.

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