Haiku Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans


Haiku Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans

Haiku Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans

Who are you?
I’m Haiku® Bamboo, the most efficient small ceiling fan.

Where are you from?
I was born in a place where industrial heritage meets impeccable style—the Big Ass Fan Company.

Who in your family do you most resemble?
I take after my great uncle Phyllostachys edulis, especially in the finish and grain of my handcrafted bamboo airfoils.

Aside from sugar and spice and everything nice, what else are you made of?
Sustainably harvested Moso bamboo and the expertise of U.S. furniture craftsmen go into my airfoils, while my motor is pure brilliance.

What one word best describes you?

What are your biggest turn-ons?
Approved patents—I have eight so far. Oh, and international design awards—I’ve collected a few of those as well. Also, my sleek remote not only turns me on, but also controls my 10 different settings. Hot cha cha!

Inefficient AC ceiling fan motors that get all hot and clicky; wood products, especially fiberboard; and big, wonky blade hangers.

How do you define good design?
I don’t want to get all granola on you, but I’m all about organic essentialism. It’s the idea of eliminating anything unnecessary and perfecting the basics.

How do you lessen your environmental impact?
Moso bamboo fully renews in only five years. And I hate to brag, but I exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements for CFM per watt by 450 to 750 percent. Most fans use 110 W of electrical input power, whereas I move serious air with only 2 to 30 W.

What would be your dream job?
I already have a great gig on the alfresco dining terraces at the W Hotel & Resort in Bali. It’s kind of hard to top that, but I’m always ready to try new things.

Describe the secret to your success.
Industry-leading efficiency, a silent motor, tops-in-class airflow, sustainable materials, quality craftsmanship and minimalist design all combine to make me the perfect air-moving machine.