In an area of Western Michigan known as “Medical Mile,” the newly constructed Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital stands out among the many surrounding hospitals and medical facilities.
The design for the Manassas Park Elementary School and Pre-K is based on two fundamental ideas: 1) there is no such thing as a non-teachable place; and 2) people cannot be expected to conserve something they do not understand.

Johnsonite® introduces Eco-Naturals Collection of rubber tiles and treads


Silk Plants. Cheap, assembly line, fake imitations of Mother Nature’s beautiful plants which will be placed in some corner of home or office décor. This statement would have been an agreeable one, some 20 years back, but in the current scenario, this is not at all the case.


Unique Rubber Flooring System Brings Nature’s Designs to Interior Applications


Suspended ceiling not only adds to ambiance but also reduces reverberation time by 44%

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