Whether you’re retrofitting an existing lobby, or building out brand new guest rooms, Legrand offers a range of solutions for any space.


We’ve all experienced it: Walking into the hotel room you’ll call home for the next night at least, looking forward to charging the battery on your phone and heading to sleep or for a night out, when the search for an outlet or the right light switch becomes an egg hunt.


Save money by finishing windows with drywall scraps and decorative corner bead. It is quick and easy! Plus, this technique can be customized to a client’s liking  and offers cost-savings compared to traditional aluminum or wood materials.

To begin, trim out the window with a layer of drywall. Be sure to install drywall with the required setback for the corner bead that will be installed.


Trim-Tex has been designing and producing the industry's finest and most innovative line of vinyl drywall accessory products since 1969. Besides being economical, vinyl drywall accessories are more flexible and durable than metal and will not rust, kink or dent.


90-degree corners might be the norm, but it does not have to be that way. There are a lot of corner finishing options on the market. Some popular non-traditional corner beads include, Step A Bull, Niche Bead, Reveal Corner Bead, Bullnose Bead and Chamfer Bead. 

In their new location, the Metrolina Regional Scholar’s Academy desired a sustainable story, easy maintenance and creative coloring to increase the organization of the school’s layout. The design team at Little turned to Johnsonite for solutions. 
During the season premiere of ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with Blue Ridge Log Cabins, the Fayetteville community and other military volunteers to help renovate the house to better serve the families who live there. 
In an area of Western Michigan known as “Medical Mile,” the newly constructed Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital stands out among the many surrounding hospitals and medical facilities.
The design for the Manassas Park Elementary School and Pre-K is based on two fundamental ideas: 1) there is no such thing as a non-teachable place; and 2) people cannot be expected to conserve something they do not understand.

Johnsonite® introduces Eco-Naturals Collection of rubber tiles and treads

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