Curios UnboxedThe Materials Pavilion at NeoCon is being reinvented:

Curios Unboxed

  • Curios Unboxed at NeoCon
  • June 8-10, 2020
  • Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
  • 7th Floor, #7-1000

Building off the hugely popular Curios sample box program, this year’s event will feature the box brought to life. Curios Unboxed is your stop at NeoCon to discover beautiful materials for your A&D projects, displayed in a unique format.

As one of the most buzz-worthy events at the show, Curios Unboxed offers hundreds of materials samples displayed side-by-side, with details on their origin, makeup and recommended applications. It is your chance to engage in real discussions about the materials themselves and learn the latest trends in material innovation in a comfortable, non-sales-like environment.

The interiors+sources space has historically been the busiest spot on the 7th floor and with the introduction of Curios Unboxed, we expect that demand and excitement to grow even more for 2020.

Be sure to make a stop at this bustling experiential, educational exhibit and see Curios come to life! We invite you to visit, browse, ask questions and get inspired! 

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