Sources: Carpet

1. Made up of mix-and-match modular carpet squares, Bentley’s new Math Club collection is meant to reflect an evolution in pop culture where mathletes and coders have reached rockstar status. Available in two styles and 13 colorways, the user is provided with endless fun and funky combos.

2. Engineering innovation introduces carpeting to a whole new world of dynamic design. Brinton’s High Definition Weave (Skulduggery shown here) allows up to 32 colors to be woven together, creating stunning photorealistic effects.

3. Inspired by neoclassical and Greco-Roman influences in modern interiors, New Neo by OW Hospitality blends time-honored elements like the Greek key, and ornamental scroll work with modern hues. Available in 420 custom colors and sizes for any space.

4. Impasto Corridor by Shaw is a large, contemporary pattern inspired by the painter’s process of mastering a single work. The swatches on its tufted construction capture an artist’s control and spontaneity, reflecting paint’s beauty, liquidity, and detail.

5. Tandus-Centiva’s Avant collection (Deconstructed shown here) evokes an organic pattern with its solution-dyed method. Able to be 100% recycled at end of life, this modular offering employs a non-woven synthetic fiber backing and features recycled content in its construction.

6. Jan Kath fuses classical elements of oriental styles with modernist, minimalist designs—throwing traditional composition aside and developing an unmistakable signature style. Seen here, Artwork’s design conjures rich color pigments arranged on a canvas.

7. For Milliken’s Color Field, hues provide context when it’s difficult to distinguish where one form ends and another begins. Respectful of the boundary, yet driven by the need to explore, it is shaped by the entirety of the canvas—whether one of smooth linen or rough-hewn board.