Sources: Kitchen + Bath

1. Hastings Tile & Bath’s VOLA Towel Warmer replaces the more common radiator-style models with a flexible built-in system of bars that hide all technical elements behind the wall, saving space and adding a chic elegance to the bath. The modular system allows for 3-20 bars from 4-12 inches apart, and has a self-closing timer that allows temperature regulation from 68-120 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. And from music to light, the Axor LampShower by Nendo is derived from the brand’s “Waterdream with Nendo” installation created by Oki Sato, chief designer at Nendo. Inspired by a floor lamp, the model illustrates his dream of combining two totally different living areas. The LampShower is composed of solid brass with a chrome finish.

3. Control the screen (and your shower experience) of MicroTouch from Thermasol with the tap of a finger. Its Precise Infrared Temperature Sensing (patent pending) sets it apart, as this new feature allows it to read temperature more accurately and much faster than standard temperature sensors.

4. The Baccarat crystal handles on the Beyond Crystal line from THG-Paris can incorporate an LED system for even more sparkle. Availabe in red, champage, aqua, blue, and clear crystal, its effect when integrated is one of soft candlelight. Beyond Crystal is THG’s second bath series in collaboration with Baccarat.

5. These mixer disk faucets are from the Kartell by Laufen collection, developed in collaboration with the Italian furniture brand Kartell and its Milan-based designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. The disc-like shape of the faucets allows them to double as a small shelf for toiletries and more.

6. The Silhouette Lighted Mirror from Electric Mirror has a little surprise inside: a TV! An ultra-thin, 16.6-inch LED HDTV is integrated into the mirror, which gives the illusion that it is floating free above the vanity. Silhouette comes in nine standard sizes and can be customized.

7. The Moxie Showerhead from Kohler gives a whole new meaning to singing in the shower. It syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music directly into the bath. The spray features sixty angled nozzles for excellent coverage and the speaker pod can be removed to continue the party elsewhere. Available in a variety of bright colors. Splish splash!

8. The Flushometer toilet designed by Philippe Starck for Duravit celebrates their 25-year partnership. It’s part of the Starck 3 collection that uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, making it ideal for heavily trafficked commercial environments.