Celebrate Original Design With Gerflor

Design dreams do come true. And Gerflor is helping bring them to life with original designs in its resilient printed sheet flooring collection, Taralay Impression.

Inspired by the hues used in contemporary fixtures, the original designs inject hints of chic metal finishes: copper, champagne and rose gold. Or for more understated Рyet still stylish Рappearances, the fresh designs feature printed and modernized wood visuals with new plank dimensions and realistic embosses with a super matte effect. From ombré to herringbone to looks that mimic concrete, designers have a range of options with playful takes on nature and texture while meeting strict durability standards.

Join Gerflor in a celebration of original design! Visit www.gerflorusa.com/originals to learn more about Gerflor’s history of product innovation and original design, and enter to win iconic original items from interior design and fashion.