Bernhardt Design

Queue from Bernhardt Design and Breinholt Design presents a modern take on the classic café chair, merging craftsmanship with the capabilities of technology.

“Some of my best memories have come from spending time in cafés, which is a universal experience. The cafés may all be in different cities, but the chairs are a constant. They are simple and unassuming – usually with a wood back and an upholstered seat. I wanted to take this familiar form and design a new experience. Historically these chairs were based on wood craftsmanship, so I thought it would be interesting to see what could be created using today’s materials and technology." -  Claus Breinholt

Queue is fabricated in polypropylene and is available in Slate Blue, Blush, Sienna, Tobacco, Anthracite and White. The molded foam seat may be upholstered in any Bernhardt Textiles, fabric, leather, and the customers own material.