Subtractive Layers, CMYK, & Crossover


Subtractive Layers:
Using foundational methods of art to explore new ground, the Subtractive Layers collection includes two styles, Remove and Withdraw. Available in 12” x 24” tiles and 20 colors, Subtractive Layers is a dryback product that provides a unique and dynamic aesthetic across all markets. Subtractive Layers is designed to withstand physical demands, and products feature a 20-mil wear layer to enhance product durability and performance in high demand environments. This collection supports human performance with the roller mobility of hard surface, ease of installation and maintenance, and clean, modern aesthetics to improve the overall occupant experience.

CMYK is a visually textured LVT with a smooth, high performing surface. Available in 24 colors, featuring a range of brights and neutrals, this 12"x 24" resilient tile offers flexibility in installation for branding, wayfinding, color blocking and mixing. And with a 20 mil wear layer and ExoGuard+ top coat, customers can rest assured the product will perform in even the most demanding environments.

Versatile, modern color palette available in both traditional wood and textural brights. Install in a click, loose lay or glue down method with no need for transitions. High-performance resilient designed for high demand environments.