Deconstructed Metal & Artefact


Deconstructed Metal:
Characterized by new patent-pending manufacturing technology that exposes the primary backing as part of the product design, Deconstructed™ creates heightened awareness of product engineering and makes visible the raw elements that impact how the product functions in a space. Revealing the primary backing creates a sophisticated visual while providing a high-performance product suitable for a wide range of applications. Constructed of Solution Q Extreme fiber and EcoWorx tile backing, products are designed to yield long-term appearance retention and durability and will repel acid-based stains, allowing most common spills to be cleaned with water. Deconstructed™ Metal collection include three 18”x36” carpet tiles: Metallic Alchemy, Alloy Shimmer and Anodized Metal.

The Artefact collection was inspired by an oxidation experiment exposing fabrics to metal, rust and water. Artefact is a reflection of beauty found in natural and organic transformation, with an emphasis on the discovery of artistry in the imperfect. Artefact is available in four 12" x 48" carpet tiles with a multi-level pattern loop. The collection offers a stunning selection of four carpet tile products: Patina, Etched, Relic and React.