Atelier Collection

Pallas Textiles

Developed in partnership with Geraldine Blanchot of Pattern Pod, the Atelier Collection from Pallas Textiles is a visual and tactile foray into the craft of couturiers and an exploration of the textiles behind their creations.

Graphically interpreted into performance textiles, the fabrics in the collection defy the norm of traditional contract textiles. They elevate the standard of both design and construction by using a curated selection of novelty yarns and weaving techniques that mimic the delicately glamorous nature of couture materials. Atelier features five patterns:

  • Allure mimics the detailing of the fashion house Balmain and interprets these details through a blend of heathered wool and silky cottons that capture the nuances from the melding of materials.

  • A recent Chanel show featured a plaid suit of embroidered crystals. Chic captures this effect by using a high-contrast twist yarn with a subtle shimmer effect. The vivid hues capture Chanel’s renowned fearlessness with color.

  • Glam draws inspiration from the decadence of Giambattista Valli and modernizes the opulence of vintage textiles. Available in a selection of jewel tones and intricate neutrals, Glam elevates the style of any space.

  • One of Ralph and Russo’s recent collections explores contraries between geometry and metallics. Playing off this concept, Glitz’s hand-drawn stitch effects appear as organic lines punctuated with a novelty yarn and bold color work.

  • Balenciaga is a symbiosis of elegance and cool that maintains the legacy of its original grandeur. Posh explores this same balance between old and new with this foundational textile. Its multifaceted neutrals injected with vivid colors give it a theatrical effect.