Tattoo Collection


Tattoo from KI provides unprecedented user control over the workplace by providing a platform of workplace solutions that allows users to move, manipulate and modify their personal and collective spaces. This innovative approach to a systems-like solution encourages higher levels of personal privacy, interaction, ideation and reflection.

Tattoo is unique in that it simplifies the complexity of typical systems furniture and can be placed and moved without tools or the need to involve facilities. Unlike systems that are static and complex, Tattoo offers a virtually unlimited array of workstyle solutions that are user centric, eliminating reconfiguration downtime and related costs.

Elements include the following:

Space Division: The space division elements include spine screens and flex screens. The spine screens support in-line planning with or without power. Spine screens are available with monolithic laminate (magnetic steel) or melamine inserts.

Flex screens: Enable users to easily expand or contract workstations to enhance individual focus or team interaction. Its foot design allows the screen to stand independently, while allowing perpendicular placement to both flex and spine screens.

Lounge Seating: Tattoo lounge elements respond to the need for places to relax, engage and create. The elements include a rectangle, square and corner shape as well as an occasional table. All are scaled to nest within the confines of personal workspace without being overwhelming.

Tables: Tattoo allow for the seamless integration of KI’s user height-adjustable tables to promote both physical and mental wellness within any environment.