Exchange Collection


Designed by Nick Gillissie in collaboration with Allseating, Exchange is a modular soft seating system that responds to the demand for furniture that supports both active work and relaxation in today’s constantly evolving corporate, education, and healthcare environments.

The first of its kind on the market, the seating system is comprised of just seven injection-molded plastic components and a series of support rails, which allow the user to create 2,725 possible configurations to fit various space requirements or preferences. From single chairs, to banquettes, to open-plan collaborative enclosures, companies can adjust the system to suit the ever-changing needs of their employees. 

Exchange is strategically designed to account for future additions to the system. In concepting the injection-molded plastic core, Gillissie thought to include spaces not yet necessary, but that will serve a valuable purpose in future workplaces as styles continue to evolve. Exchange enhances its ability to fit seamlessly into a variety of office schemes with its latest additions, which include laptop tables available in 16 paint colors and 13 laminate options, and three additional leg offerings—walnut legs with metal accents, a chrome wire base, and chrome flat bar legs.

Additionally, Exchange has expanded to include 36-inch tables and power-enabled 120-degree tables to support serpentine configurations. New translucent screens, as well as taller and longer screens, allow for increased privacy. The new high-storage unit with shelving and hooks offers workers, students and hospital visitors alike an additional place to temporarily store or place possessions.