A Powerful Acoustic Solution Inspired by Nature

Bring the outdoors in with BuzziMood, a new acoustical wall solution that blends materials found in nature with exceptional sound absorption capabilities.

In looking for the next big thing in acoustics, BuzziSpace collaborated with American designer Cory Grosser to create BuzziMood, an organic alternative to conventional noise control solutions that utilizes moss as its primary material. Conceived with happy, healthy workspaces in mind, BuzziMood offers a low-maintenance alternative to traditional plants — no watering required!

As greenery in contract environments has been shown to improve employee happiness and wellbeing, BuzziMood, as its name suggests, works to this effect by promoting a more relaxed and calm atmosphere with its lush, botanical appearance. In addition, as moss is an excellent, naturally occurring absorber of sound, BuzziMood also mitigates noise to create a more focused and productive workforce.

BuzziMood embraces the benefits and depth of natural materials within the constraints of structured acoustic wall panels. The framed moss is available in seven geometric shapes, which can be mixed-and-matched to create graphic wall art. Choose from two moss colors, which lend varying degrees of contrast against the powder coated metal frames.