Sources: Flooring

1. Choose from three customizable patterns (Legend, Scholar, and Tradition) and 15 of the top collegiate colors with Invision’s Student Union, making it easy to incorporate a university’s brand into any campus interior. The line transitions cleanly from student centers to classrooms and back over to athletic facilities. Student Union is manufactured using J+J Flooring Group’s Encore® SD Ultima solution-dyed nylon.

2. The COR Collection from Nydree Flooring is an engineered acrylic impregnated wood flooring. The thickness of the wood face veneer is 1/10” (nominal) and is processed for hardness (psi) and durability (scratch and abrasion resistance). The product’s tightly engineered tongue and groove sides and full matched ends are precision-milled with micro-bevel edges to subtly define each plank. The standard finish is satin Pedestrian Urethane, a durable, scratch-resistant system. As an added benefit, an antimicrobial agent is dispersed throughout the finish.

3. The Counterbalance Collection from J+J Flooring Group is the company’s second offering of Kinetex textile composite flooring. Kinetex is an alternative to hard surface flooring, constructed of knitted polyester fabric and cushioned polyester felt backing. It provides the durability of a hard surface with the warmth and comfort of a carpet and better acoustics, safety, and stain resistance than both. Counterbalance includes three 24- by 24-inch modules with coordinating patterns, colors, and accents.

4. Graphic Wood Grain Porcelain from ASI Stone (Architectural Systems) for walls and floors will stimulate the users of any learning environment. With eight standard colors, custom color capabilities, and a matte finish, the product is vibrant and fun. Offered in one standard size and thickness, it also includes recycled content.

5. The combination of Mohawk Group’s Write Direction carpet tiles and coordinating Matuto LVT create the perfect mindset for learning. Write Direction is part of the Get Smart collection of both tile and broadloom. The line features fully coordinating patterns and color variations that allow the merging of different dye lots over time for ultimate flexibility in installation. Matuto’s M-Force finish is a ceramic-enhance urethane that provides both durability and cleanability.

6. As a modular offering in three market demand sizes (24 by 24, 12 by 12, and 12 by 24 inches), Armstrong’s LinoArt Linoleum Granette modular tile makes it easy to create one-of-a-kind custom floors. It’s offered in 25 colors and multiple shapes, textures, tonal qualities, and embossing features. LinoArt as a whole has six collections and more than 110 colors to choose from.