Aero Shower System


TOTO's versatile Aero Shower System of rain showers and handshowers introduces its newest People-First Innovation–-AeroJet+ Technology–-to transform the daily shower into a luxurious experience that makes bathers feel cleaner and more alive, while conserving water. TOTO's AeroJet+ uses patented air-injection technology to increase the volume of water in each droplet by innovatively drawing air in through the showerhead and pumping it into the water droplet, enlarging and increasing their volume. TOTO's new air-injection technology generates a balanced spray for optimum water distribution and full body coverage. Bathers feel as if they are being encased in far more warm water than they are actually using, making their experience extremely pleasurable while reducing water consumption. To further enhance their showering experience, at intervals, AeroJet+ generates invigorating short bursts of pulsating water.