06.11.2019  |  By Adrian Thompson
“Mapping” Out the Latest from Concertex and NappaTile

Design Director Aaron Mensik shares the inspiration behind his new Topo collection for Concertex, along with his vision when designing the NappaTile showroom for NeoCon 2019.

06.11.2019  |  By Christoph Trappe
Open Plan Overhaul: Helping Companies Fit As They Grow

The open office dilemma poses a space issue for companies who find themselves growing out of their office setting. Christoph Trappe speaks with Cia Mooney from Watson about their soluti

06.11.2019  |  By Christoph Trappe
Gemanco Design Shares Its Technological Evolution of the Classic Wallpaper

Wallpaper technology—Christoph Trappe chats with Sandro Ciurcina from Gemanco Design about their evolution of the classic wallpaper. Sandro shares their new WaterProof System products for w

06.11.2019  |  By Christoph Trappe
Multiple Meanings of Kirei: Clean, Green and Beautiful Design

John Stein, founder of Kirei, is in the Materials Pavilion at NeoCon 2019, speaking with Christoph Trappe. John reflects on the history and meaning behind his company that helped unite green desi

06.10.2019  |  By Christoph Trappe
Advice for Designers Flows Through Brentano's Water Collection

All designers face the pressure of creating something new—remaining relevant in an ever-changing design industry. Iris Wang from Brentano has her own thoughts on this topic and sh

06.10.2019  |  By Christoph Trappe
Patient Room Furniture: Functional Comfort for Day and Night (NeoCon 2019)

Patient room furniture has a reputation of being comfortable by day, turning to a sleeping nightmare by night. From the NeoCon 2019 show floor, Christoph Trappe chats with Kim Sank from Wieland a

06.10.2019  |  By Christoph Trappe
Scandinavian Spaces Partners Discuss Color Trends

Christoph Trappe joined Scandinavian Spaces Partners Thomas and Robert Jönsson in their booth at NeoCon 2019 to discuss how the company strategically uses color to inspire workplace creativity.

06.10.2019  |  By Adrian Thompson
Sunbrella Takes Its Fabric Focus Indoors

While Sunbrella’s legacy is primarily known for outdoor applications, the fabric company is focusing on indoor uses in its new space at NeoCon 2019.

06.10.2019  |  By Christoph Trappe
OFS Brings 50 Years of Sustainability to NeoCon 2019

From the early days of OFS' founders kicking seeds in the dirt to today, OFS delivers sustainability at NeoCon 2019. Their philosophy for staying focused on sustainability is simple: "Do the

06.04.2019  |  By Adrian Thompson
interiors+sources Launches Design Connections 2.0 in October

Following the successful original event in February, Design Connections 2.0 is a two-day, wholly hosted event in Palm Springs, CA. It will focus on Past vs. Future in Design and how technology is help

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