Kimball Office Offers Troops ‘Hugs from Home’



JASPER, IN – As troops continue to enter the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is not uncommon for soldiers to run low on basic toiletries, snacks or entertainment. In many cases, soldiers rely on friends and family to send care packages, but sometimes it’s the gifts from strangers, organizations and communities that leave a lasting impression. 

Through mid-March, New Jersey-based, Kimball® Office select dealer, Office Furniture Partnership, is implementing a “Hugs from Home” program that supports local troops with much-needed supplies from home. The program gives 12-inch, clear, plastic tubes to businesses to fill with items for soldiers.

“Since we started the program four years ago, we’ve shipped more than 7,000 ‘Hugs,’ and each year companies get more creative with the items they include [in] their tubes,” says Bob Rigby, principal for Office Furniture Partnership. “To make it easy for companies to identify what troops need and want, a list of guidelines and commonly requested items accompany the tubes. We try to make it as simple as possible to participate.”

The tubes are provided to interested companies and must be returned within a few weeks for delivery. Operation Jersey Cares manages the logistics for shipping to regional units or specific troops.

“We appreciate our select dealers taking initiative to provide companies with a creative outlet to support our troops and provide much needed supplies,” says Dirk Manning, vice president of sales for Kimball Office. “The soldiers appreciate the gesture and enjoy receiving food, toiletries and games during their long deployments away from home.”

Companies interested in participating in “Hugs from Home” can contact Bob Rigby at or (973) 867-3403.

About Kimball Office
A recognized leader in fine workplace furnishings, Kimball® Office has been building its reputation on quality and integrity of design for more than 35 years. The company is a business unit of Kimball International Inc., a corporation that provides a variety of products from its two business segments: Furniture and Electronic Manufacturing Services. To learn more, visit

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