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The Grid Game Reinvents Classic Dominoes


While attendees at Wanted Design were greeted by a wealth of innovative designs from around the world, one simple box literally stopped people in their tracks.

The Grid Game, created by Mexico City designer Victor Alemán, is a new take on conventional dominoes. Rather than match half of a piece to another, players must match both the color and height of a hexagonal tile to those that have already been played, creating a beautifully intricate pattern.

So far, the Grid Game has proven it can stand up to classic tabletop games, having been supported for over 1200% the original goal on Kickstarter, and with over 2,900 games scheduled to arrive at backers homes this fall. Backers can pre-order the game either as a Starter Edition (from $30) with 5 colors and 50 tiles, or 6 colors and 88 tiles in the Full Edition (from $55). Special editions, including a natural solid wood collection using ebony, ash, oak, bocote, walnut, maple, and rosewood, are also available.

While displaying the game for i+s, Wanted attendees literally flocked to Alemán, with one exclaiming she had heard about the game already. If that's any indication, we can expect to see the Grid Game do just as well in retail stores as it has so far on Kickstarter.