2017 Marks the 80th Anniversary of Luxo’s Iconic L-1 Task Light

More than 25 million sold worldwide.


L1 Task Light

L-1 was designed in 1937 by Luxo's founder, Norwegian industrialist, Jac Jacobsen. Jacobsen based the design of the L-1 on a multi-functional parallel-movement arm with unique flexibility and durability. The result was an iconic, individually-adjustable task light which gave users freedom of movement and the ability to place light exactly where needed. Manufacturing of the L-1 started in 1937, under the name Luxo.

L-1 soon became an integral component of workspaces in schools, offices, industrial plants and health care facilities, and a design icon to architects and designers all over the world. Today L-1 is available with both fluorescent and LED lightsources and more than 25 million have been sold worldwide.