Coalesse Introduces New Tools for Easy Customization

Concierge Specials Team simplifies the process.


Coalesse's new tools

With increased workloads and heightened client demands, architects, designers and facilities teams are strapped for time and eager to deliver the best results they can. What they need are tools that make their lives easier while not sacrificing their creativity and design abilities. Coalesse is responding by developing and offering a suite of personal and digital assistance tools that allow their customers to custom-design workplace settings with ease.

Coalesse’s Concierge Specials Team turns the complex process of designing and customizing furniture, into a collaborative and simple process. Unlike regular customer service teams, Coalesse delivers tailor-made solutions throughout the entire customization process – including pricing, manufacturing and delivery. Each member of the team is an expert in the field with the ability to help architects, designers and end-users do excellent work.

In addition to the advanced concierge team, the company recently launched Coalesse Color, a program that further invites designers to make their mark – with color. Architects and designers can choose any color to be used on select Coalesse product lines, empowering users to apply more personal expression.

Furthering the idea of customization is Coalesse’s LessThanFive Interactive Web Tool that allows users to customize and personalize their own LessThanFive Chair. The tool allows users to choose from an infinite amount of colors, apply fading options and upload their own art work and logos to truly personalize the product. This service turns a usually complicated and time-consuming process into a simple and engaging experience. After the user finishes customizing and personalizing their chair, they can submit it to Coalesse and receive a quote within 24 hours. The tool also allows the user to share their design with others via email, making the tool collaborative.
eSpecials Library, launched as a complement to the Concierge Specials Team and Coalesse Color program, is a comprehensive database presented in an easily accessible and searchable digital format. It provides 24/7 service where users can view the most popular specials of personalization on Coalesse products, as well as gain inspiration and ideas for what Coalesse products can do.

The customization tool can be found at