Shaw Contract Group Opens Singapore Showroom

More than 10 carpet types are used to showcase the different products


Shaw Contract Group recently opened its new regional showroom in Singapore in the central region. Over 2,500 square feet of the space will be used to showcase its full portfolio of inspired designs and can be used to host meetings and events for industry partners.

Combined with the expertise of local award-winning architect firm, SCA Design, the new showroom meets high standards of environmental sustainability and is also Green Mark-certified by BCA Green Mark Scheme in Singapore. The sustainability efforts are consistent with other Shaw Contract Group showrooms around the world.

The showroom in Singapore optimizes daylight by using glass panels instead of solid walls, ensuring a decreased use in artificial lighting, thereby minimizing energy consumption. The glass panels also allow for a more collaborative meeting space, where integrated interaction can occur among guests and staff.

More than 10 carpet types are used on the flooring to showcase different products throughout the showroom. Tiled carpets were laid such that the multitude of colors available to customers is displayed and the carpet tiles could also be easily replaced to display new collections in the future.

The first and largest recycler of post-consumer carpet in the world, Shaw Contract Group has been recognized for its innovative products which have consecutively picked up awards for their design every year in the past decade.

“As a firm champion of the environment, we weave sustainability into the fabric of our business – our products, manufacturing process, business operations including the space we work and live in, whilst ensuring we deliver the needs of our clients with high-performing products,” said Dan Clark, the Asia Pacific managing director. “We are confident our new showroom will better serve our clients within the region and allow us to connect as a community.”

Guests present at the opening party were treated to the preview of Shaw Contract Group’s latest collections, The Park and Noble Materials. “The Park collection reinforces the idea and demonstrates that through great design, balance can be achieved in the spaces we gather, play, and escape, while the Noble Materials collection showcases geometry and meticulously plotted diagrams,” saidKimberly Morgan, senior designer for Global Workspace.

Singapore joins London, Atlanta, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, and other global design hubs where Shaw Contract Group's presence is a catalyst for design excellence. Major Shaw Contract Group’s clients in Asia have their business headquartered in Singapore or operate out from Singapore. From Fortune 500 companies to local universities and hospitals, the business and organizations that impact the local economy will have access to this creative space – giving them the opportunity to work with architects and designers to continue developing commercial interiors that will attract employees, students, visitors, and customers.