6 Exciting New Takes on the Boring Old Floral

Six manufacturers are shaking up this traditional pattern with modern visuals and textures.


This is a thank you to winter for letting us off easy this year (at least he did in the North East). In honor of the first day of spring, we’ve gathered up a few examples of how some manufacturers are shaking up the traditional floral pattern and making it into something fitting for the 21st century.

1. Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown’s Sway pattern is part of their new Superfresco Delight wallpaper collection. This view of leaves swaying in the wind also adds texture to the product’s hand, and is a more modern and  realistic take on movement.

2. Trove

Now available on their Stoneground® wallcovering material, Enyo depicts poppies swirling and eddying into a gentle undercurrent where they float just below the water’s surface.

3. Skyline Design

 This installation by Skyline Design is larger than life. Custom ASTIII/Vitracolor® flowers in the foreground are paired with partial height OrganicsSeeded Eucalyptusin the background.

4. Lea Ceramiche

The Audrey tile collection from Lea Ceramiche offers a number of new florals but Blossom, featured  here, digitizes the traditional flower with a pixelated effect that runs throughout, making it resemble actual wallpaper. 

5. OMNOVA Solutions

OMNOVA Solutions’ latest Boltaflex® contract upholstery design gives flashes of metallic to these loosely-defined layers of a secret garden. The durable vinyl is covered with Omnova’s PreFixx® protective finish.

6. MissoniHome

MissoniHome brings bright beautiful splashes to many a hospitality project. Big colorful florals take us back just a few decades to the acid rock of the 1960s. Now that’s a throw-back we can live with.