Everyone knows that the ways in which retail is changing for the consumer, but what should designers keep in mind? Editor-in-Chief Kadie Yale discusses the topic with Jonathan Lopez, Associate Principal and Design Director for Retail Design Collaborative. 

The Crayola Experience store engages customers of all ages with a comprehensive brand presentation.
JCPenney redesigns its home department to feature new store-within-a-store concepts, designed in partnership with well-known names like Michael Graves, Jonathan Adler and Martha Stewart, and rolled out to 500 locations earlier this year.
The man, the myth and the product come to life in Lagerfeld’s new Paris “concept” store, designed by Plajer & Franz Studio.
Tiffany & Co. returns to its Manhattan roots with a craft-inspired space in SoHo.
Multidisciplinary design studio +tongtong completes a bold, layered interior for Annie Aime, the latest from parisian fashion retailer Annie Mesenge.
As we wrap up the year, we here on the editorial staff saw an opportunity to go back and find those projects that had fallen through the cracks for one reason or another—or that deserve to be seen sooner.
With the design of its new Düsseldorf showroom, Basler puts femininity and sophistication on display in a playful mix of color and pattern with the help of Germany-based Blocher Blocher Shops.
Plajer & Franz Studio brings Puma’s joyful and innovative Retail 2.0 concept to life with three new stores in London, Munich and Amsterdam.

Influenced by the idea of designing a playful and simple space for The Candy Room, the design team painted the entire space white and relied on line artwork to produce the room’s elements.

Gumberg Global has partnered with Atlanta-based architectural and design firm tvsdesign to bring a new, western-style retail experience to Indian consumers.

Using the element of water as its cue, the design team at ID & Design International creates a dazzling department store in the Gwanbok Harbor Front District of Busan, South Korea -- one of the country's fastest growing fashion and retail destinations.
Nike’s Stadium NYC, designed by Architecture at Large, takes the idea of providing soccer fans with an informal gathering spot and runs with it.
The Jerde Partnership’s design for the Konoha Mall in Hashimoto, Japan capitalizes on a bold, eco-centric presentation to capture the hearts and yen of area shoppers.
D-Ash Design creates a rough and tumble candy store in Rye, New York that thumbs its nose at authority.