Formerly known as "Vegas on Steroids," the city of Dubai and its U.A.E. sister, Abu Dhabi, are seeing their hospitality markets emerge from the recession with more smarts, diligence and a sophistication that took years of growing pains to achieve.
Estadio, a Spanish restaurant in Washington, D.C., serves up small plates with large helpings of reclaimed tile and imported marble.
Caliper Studio and RePop Design create a one of a kind film-house with an aesthetic of "industrial opulence."
Istanbul’s Marmara Taksim hotel, renovated by Wilson Associates, moves to capture a younger demographic, all while retaining touches of Turkey's cultural fabric.
DiLeonardo’s design for the Kempinski Hotel in Yinchuan, China incorporates lush colors and textures to create a five-star refuge in the middle of the desert.
The Heavenly Spa by Westin, conceived by tvsdesign, creates a holistic getaway while evoking the roots of its South Carolina location.
Charged with rebranding, renovating and redesigning the flagship Best Western President Hotel in New York City, Stonehill & Taylor Architects created a design narrative inspired by the American presidency, bipartisan politics and the energy of Times Square.
Tasked with building a facility for a totally new paradigm of health care delivery, San Francisco’s KMD Architects draw inspiration from the world of high-end hospitality for Seoul’s luxurious, futuristic Chaum Center.

Hotels have experienced some of the most advanced technological upgrades to provide guests with an elaborate and elegant hi-tech experience.  In the world of hi-end lavish luxuries, hotels are rolling out fantastic features designed to captivate awestruck audiences.

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