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eBookshelfWelcome to the interiors+sources’ eBookshelf, a digital library of the latest guidelines for designing and operating commercial building projects.

These new eHandbooks feature a compilation of practical and reliable information from some of the industry’s most trusted sources and suppliers covering a range of topics and markets (with more to come soon).

Best of all, they’re free of charge!

Book 4: Wellness: The Future of Building Design, Construction and Operations

Wellness eHandbook

Now, more than ever, wellness is taking center stage in the design and construction of commercial buildings. This eHandbook offers tips and strategies from trusted sources for design professionals and building owners alike on this trend that is shaping the future.

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Book 3: Short- and Long-term Strategies for Healthcare Design and Operations

Healthcare eHandbook

While we understand more about COVID-19 today than at the outset of the pandemic, it will continue to reshape the way medical facilities are designed and operated—both in the short and long term.

This eHandbook includes expert information to help your efforts at finding the best practices for operating and designing healthcare facilities in the COVID-19 era.

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Book 2: Reopening and Reimagining Educational Facilities Amid COVID-19 eHandbook

Reopening and Re-imagining Educational Facilities Amid COVID-19 eHandbook

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How can schools and colleges reopen safely while protecting students’ health and wellbeing?

What might the design of classrooms look like in a post-pandemic world?

This eHandbook explores these questions and more by providing guidelines and tips from some of the most trusted sources to help school administrators prepare their facilities for students’ safe return—whenever that may be.

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Book 1: Strategies for Reopening Offices Post-COVID-19

Reopening Offices Post-COVID-19


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As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down an unprecedented number of commercial office buildings for months in an effort to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many companies, building owners, and facility executives have been wondering when it will be safe to reopen.

More importantly, they’ve also been asking how to reopen their offices safely.

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