Bring Down the Noise in Exposed Structures with Armstrong Ceiling Solutions’ FELTWORKS

07/15/2020 By Adrian Thompson

Although they’re easy on the eyes, open ceilings tend to cause noticeable noise problems that can affect the function of their interior spaces.

To help bring down the noise in commercial interiors, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions developed FELTWORKS, one of the many acoustical solutions for exposed structure spaces.

(Photo: The Stone Independent School in Lancaster, PA, used multiple FELTWORKS products throughout the building, including this Open Cell Ebbs and Flows Kit in Smoke and Tangerine; Credit: Armstrong Ceiling Solutions)

The felt ceiling system is lightweight, easy to install, and pairs acoustics with good aesthetics.

“FELTWORKS is unique in offering solutions in three different product lines to add acoustics and drama with dimension to a space,” says Olivia Kenney, associate marketing manager for architectural specialties for Armstrong.

The three options have a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.80 to 0.90 and include:

  • FELTWORKS Acoustical Panels
  • FELTWORKS Open Cell Kits
  • FELTWORKS Blades Kits

All FELTWORKS products are made from up to 60% post-consumer recycled PET fibers, are GreenGuard Gold Certified, and are part of the Armstrong Sustain® portfolio of products.


Kenney says the line can work in a variety of exposed structure spaces, from offices and education to hospitality and retail.

Armstrong Ceiling
Photo: Courtesy of Armstrong Ceiling Solutions

“There are tons of design options for acoustical, colorful and soft felt in popular linear blades and cellular visuals,” she notes.

Acoustical Panels are offered in one size, 48-by-96 inches, and come in five colors.


Blades and Open Cell provide more customization—the two styles are available in 15 colors, come in a variety of sizes and are offered in three designs:

  • Ebbs & Flows
  • Peaks & Valleys
  • Rectangular Panels

Kenney says that all FELTWORKS products are meant to be easily installed and adds that Open Cell kits provide the option to create cloud or wall-to-wall installations.

Plus, there’s no need to field-finish cut edges on any FELTWORKS product since color runs throughout each entire panel.

(Photo: Nirmal’s Restaurant in Seattle, WA, chose FELTWORKS Acoustical Panels to help control noise in this sophisticated Indian eatery; Credit: Armstrong Ceiling Solutions)

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color for an extra visual statement or keep your ceiling design minimal, FELTWORKS options can change the topography of your exposed structure while bringing down the noise in sustainable fashion.

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