SCAD Students Take You Behind the Scenes of Inspire by interiors+sources

06/25/2020 By Robert Nieminen

In this episode, Savannah College of Art and Design students James Jung and Heshan Li talk about the beautiful hand sketches they produced for the new Inspire by interiors+sources virtual showroom experience. Find out what they think about drawing by hand, what they learned and how they see the future of virtual tradeshows. Listen now.

Take a tour of this unique showroom experience.

Meet the SCAD students:

Heshan Li, BFA, Interior Design, Savannah College of Art and Design
Jeshan Li, SCAD studentGrown to learn and appreciate diversity and constantly immersed in a mix of cultures it has become a big part of who I am as a designer. As a recent graduate from SCAD with a BFA degree in Interior Design and a minor in Architecture, I have always been passionate in retail and corporate design with experience from previous internships and school projects. 

Being an aspiring designer that always explores with observations, I am optimistic and find every mistake purposeful. I believe an entire design experience contains everything seamlessly integrated as a whole, and my curiosity for timeless yet sophisticated designs still continues.

James Jung, architecture student, Savannah College of Art and Design
James Jung, SCAD studentJames Jung is an architecture student with a multi-disciplinary mindset. His portfolio includes diverse design projects that embrace community shared spaces. James started his own small business in South Korea that aims to integrate all design disciplines into one: space. His experiences working with NGOs in third world nations reflect his passion for people and his goal: designing with integrity to bring positive changes to the environment and society.  

As a member of the ASHRAE Student Club (former president) and a student leader at SCAD’s Residence Life and Housing, James stays involved in architectural organizations and the school community constantly seeking new perspectives to bring to his endeavors. James has also been nominated as the recipient of the 2020-2021 Architecture Foundation of Georgia (AFGA) Scholarship that is awarded annually to outstanding upper-level students in the state of Georgia.