Achieve Original Design with Mannington Commercial’s Updated Amtico Signature Collection

03/18/2020 By Adrian Thompson

Mannington Commercial is relaunching its popular Amtico Signature flooring collection with fresh patterns, colors and customization tools. Hear all about its new features as part of our signature How to Specify series.

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Mannington Commercial *This podcast was created in partnership with Mannington Commercial.

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Adrian Thompson: Welcome to I Hear Design, an interiors+sources podcast series. My name is Adrian Thompson, the host for today’s episode as well as associate editor for interiors+sources.

Today’s podcast is in partnership with Mannington Commercial, and it’s a special edition to our March How to Specify segment, which is really focusing on how to find the right flooring within a commercial space.

Flooring is definitely one of those key interior items that can really make or break a space through aesthetics, how users feel in it and also how the flooring really affects our overall well-being.

Amtico Signature Collection - Tranquil Grain French Weave
Photo: Amtico Signature Collection, Tranquil Grain French Weave; Courtesy: Mannington Commercial

So, I think it’s important when considering different products to definitely check out providers in the industry who have just had a long and reputable history in the market. Mannington is definitely one of those companies.

When it comes to flooring, they’ve been making game-changing, reliable products for over 100 years. So, they definitely have the history and reliability behind them. One of their great products, for example, is the Amtico Signature series. It has a 40-mil wear layer that makes it great for high-traffic commercial areas.

But before I get into this collection too much, I want to introduce our guest today. And that is Whitney LeGate, who is the director of commercial LVT at Mannington Commercial. Whitney, thank you so much for joining me today.

Whitney LeGate: Adrian, thank you so much for having me. So, excited to be here.

Adrian: We are excited, too. As I said earlier, you guys are really experts in the flooring industry, especially when it comes to LVT. I know you have a lot of products in the market there. One thing Mannington is great at is just continuing the evolution of its products—which we really like to see at interiors+sources—all the new things you guys have, and then just constantly seeing what you can do better with that.

Amtico Signature Collection - Abstract
Photo: Amtico Signature Collection, Abstract; Courtesy: Mannington Commercial

What are your customers wanting that they might not have had access to before, the latest trends and all of that? So, from my understanding, this is something you guys are really focusing on with the relaunch of this Amtico Signature series, for example. So, really to start us off with today’s conversation, let’s just talk about this series in particular.

Whitney, what are you guys kind of focusing on with this relaunch of this series? And what’s really going to be emphasized?

Whitney: Yeah, so we’re so excited to be relaunching our Amtico Signature collection. It’s been an offering that we’ve had for some time, but we want to continue to keep it fresh. We want to hear back from our customers. We try to integrate that feedback into the product as well as keep up with trends, both globally but specifically in the North American market.


We partner with our Amtico Signature UK division, and they do a lot of the design work for us. Then our design team compliments that by making sure it fits into North American standards. And we’re so excited to be relaunching this product coming in April.

We will have a total of 163 products in the collection, which is just a massive LVT collection. And by today’s standards in the market, it’s something we’re really proud to have and want to continue to feed that and give the design community a lot of choice and a lot of options.

Adrian: I know Amtico—you were telling me earlier—they’ve been doing this for a while, making LVT for about 50 years. Is that true?

Whitney: Yeah, so our Amtico UK division has been making LVT for more than 50 years, just as you said. Mannington purchased them in 2012, and we’ve brought them under our umbrella and really partnered with them. We make all of our Amtico Signature in our Madison, GA, LVT plant.

Amtico Signature Collection Shore Oak
Photo: Amtico Signature Collection, Shore Oak; Courtesy: Mannington Commercial

So, we’re really proud to have that U.S.-made LVT. And again, we partner with our British team to make sure that we’re getting the best design series that we can and bringing that back into the North American market is very exciting. We customize that to fit our market by doing our own marketing and things like that. But it’s great to have that partnership and that expertise to bring to that product line.

Adrian: Absolutely. Now, I know with this line, I believe you guys launched it in 2016 originally. So, what are we going to see when April hits with this new line? I believe you have all different kinds of looks. You said you have 160-plus different patterns. What kind of patterns are we seeing? I think we have a bit of stone, wood looks—lots of options for customers, right?

Whitney: Yeah, absolutely. We want to continue to keep that fresh look. Of the 163, we break them into three categories. We have wood, stone and abstract. We continue to hear in the commercial market how important an abstract visual is when maybe you don’t want to use something that looks like something else.

Stone Tempus
Photo: Amtico Signature Collection, Stone Tempus; Courtesy: Mannington Commercial

We want to make sure we have a lot of offering there. We have everything from really saturated solid colors that bring a pop of color to the space, all the way to some really beautiful, abstract, very unique and intricate design patterns.

But the collection goes so much more beyond just pattern. Color and pattern are always important. We want to have that breadth of offering. But we also have really, really focused on how to make this collection easily specifiable in this new launch. So, sometimes having all these choices is great, but we know how busy the design community is. We also know how much they want to be able to personalize their projects. We’ve really focused on, ‘How can we make that easier for them?’

Adrian: I know you guys came up with some tools to do that. I heard there is going to be a room visualizer if they want to upload their own photographs, some new website tools. Do you want to elaborate on those for me?

Whitney: Yeah, I’d love to. With this launch, we’re doing a couple things. We have a huge marketing campaign. We have a special catalog just for this collection that designers can go through and really understand their options and how they can be used. Lots of visual inspiration in our catalogs.

But we also wanted to take that same look and feel onto the digital platform. We’re redoing all of our web pages for Amtico Signature. We’re adding in some really nice features. As part of Signature, you not only have the product offering, but we also curate a set of laying patterns—so they’re specialty-cut shapes and sizes, to give you these different looks and really specialized, really unique looks in a space.

We have more than 26 of those layouts. And we’ve worked really hard on our digital platform and on our website, so that designers can choose their colors to make in those different patterns. They don’t have to go out and create a custom pattern every time, but they can get what feels like a very original look.

Adrian: I think having these digital tools is so great today. Especially, people want all these options, and it’s great when you provide examples and different things. They can do it through your catalog and the website. But it’s also wonderful that they can try some different options with their own ideas as well.

Amtico Signature Wood Pacific Grain
Photo: Amtico Signature Wood, Pacific Grain; Courtesy: Mannington Commercial

Whitney: Exactly. And we wanted to be able to have this breadth of line, but still make it digestible by the design community that they can use it and have the time to do it. One thing that we’ve added is a special room visualizer where you can upload your own image. So, for your own space, you can put those products in your actual space to really give that extra special, personalized touch to the project.

But we’ve also kind of done some things that are really simple. We’ve gone back and said, ‘Okay, we do offer all these different things with Signature, whether it’s really unique sizes—all of our woods come in six different sizes. Our stones come in more than 10 sizes.’ So, while that’s great to have that choice, sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to know how to specify something like that.

Adrian: Very true.

Whitney: We’ve created a specification checklist that says, ‘Okay, great. What are the steps? And what are the decisions I need to make to select a signature collection product?’ And make sure I’m covering all my bases and can easily write a specification.

Adrian: I love checklists. So, I’m all about that.

Amtico Signature Collection Union OakWhitney: I love checklists, too. I live and die by a to-do list, and I like something that’s easy and digestible. We don’t want you to have to read 100 pages in a catalog or go through five webpages to understand what you need to do to be able to get a look that’s similar to something.

So, by creating that checklist of ‘Okay, choose your product and color; choose the size that’s most preferable to you; what kind of edge profile would you like? Bubbled or unbubbled?’ And then it takes you through the steps to create that “Achieve Original” look, which is really what we want to get out with this collection. We don’t want to just have a great collection. We want to have a great collection that’s usable and specifiable.

Adrian: I love that tagline “Achieve Original.” There are so many different products out there today. And it’s really sometimes hard to find a look that you feel like is truly original and represents the space that it’s being in.

Whitney: It really is. We wanted to have something that each person that uses Signature can use it in a little bit of a different way without having to “go custom.” We kind of hear that sometimes of, ‘I don’t have time to do customs, or that’s more than what I want to take on or in two years, I want to be able to get the same product.’

We really looked at this collection from that perspective of how we can continue to bring that unique and intricate feel of this collection without all the complexity that sometimes can be more of a challenge to use products like this.

Adrian: Right. And being such a good LVT product, it can work in pretty much almost any environment probably.

Whitney: That’s what’s great about Amtico Signature is not only is it a beautiful design, you’ve got all these design options from bevel to size to color and pattern. And it performs with a 40-mil wear layer, so it’s going to stand the test of time. It’s got a 25-year warranty. It’s made in the U.S. We control our entire raw material stream.

We’re so proud to have this product in our portfolio. And it is our premium performance product. So, whether it’s going into a high-traffic, K-12 environment all the way up to senior living or workplace, we feel confident that this product is going to perform.

Adrian: That’s fantastic. And we’re excited to see it when it does launch. You said April, correct?

Whitney: Yes, we are relaunching, updating—everything’s rolling out in April of this year.

Adrian: That’s exciting. Well, Whitney, thank you so much. We’re excited for the Amtico Signature Series. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing it in April. And we really appreciate Mannington Commercial just telling us more about it today.

Whitney: Thank you, Adrian. I appreciate you having me on.

Adrian: Absolutely. And for our audience listening, you guys should definitely keep your eyes out for the Amtico Signature series of course in April.

Then I also encourage everyone to just continue to follow our How to Specify series. The focus in March is on flooring. You can learn about that on, as well as our March issue.

Otherwise, thank you so much again for listening, and we hope you tune in for another episode of I Hear Design.

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About our guest:

Whitney LeGate, director of commercial LVTWhitney LeGate is the Director of Commercial LVT at Mannington Commercial.

Celebrating her 10th year with the company, she has held positions in sales operations and corporate training.