How 2nd Ave Created Their Highly Customizable Iron Chandelier [HD Expo]

05/17/2019 By Christoph Trappe

2nd Ave Lighting brought their eclectic, highly customizable iron chandelier with them to HD Expo. Learn about the creation process, customization possibilities, and the most interesting ideas owner and founder Bob Cohen has heard--all from within the chandelier.


You can never have too much hospitality.


Christoph Trappe: Hello, everyone, it’s Christoph Trappe, chief content officer at interiors+sources at HD Expo, joined by Bob Cohen, the owner and founder at Second Avenue Lighting based in New York. Thanks for joining us, Bob.

Bob Cohen: Thank you. Glad to be here.

Christoph: Bob, talk about this chandelier that you’re showing off here.

Bob: We had a body cam on the craftsman that was building this chandelier, which is available. And you’ll see that this is a style that is very eclectic. It’s got a lot of whimsy to it.

The application for where this would go—there’s many, but anybody would have to make their own choice. It can be revised or modified to any size. It can be modified to be of various shapes. Pendants can be designed to go with it, wall sconces, a whole family of product can be designed around it if you’re going into a banquet hall and you want to get a nice consistent theme throughout.

With your pre-functioned rooms, everything can be coordinated with this fixture. That can be with all of our fixtures. It’s made out of iron, it’s forged. We use a forge to shape the metal and we use a laser cutter to cut a lot of the material that’s on here.

It’s all wired with candelabra sockets. This particular one, we’re using LED candelabra lightbulbs, put them on a dimmer, it has a really nice warm glow to it when you dim it down.

But other lighting options are available. We’ll customize to anybody’s needs and we can be compatible to any dimming system that anybody is using for the controls, now really a big thing, so we can coordinate with that as well.

Christoph: Of course, you brought the chandelier to draw attention and certainly got my attention here in Las Vegas here at HD Expo. What are some of the—and you have designers, architects, others coming to you with ideas. What are some of the most interesting ideas for lighting that people come to you with?

Bob: The most recent one I can think of right now is a wall mural of a community that’s being built in a mountainous area. And on this wall mural is the road system that goes over bridges and across streams and through the mountains.

The client wants to have that mural of their community on this 10 by 12 wall, highlighted with a standoff lighting fixture, I guess you would call it a wall sconce.

But the road system itself is going to be from bent tubing to follow the road with a medium base—what they’re looking for is Edison style lamps at various junctions of the road. And that’ll be standing off the wall probably about 3 or 4 inches. And about halfway to the wall, behind that is going to be a laser cut network of minor roads that is in this community as well. So, that’s just one idea that people can come up with and we can help them develop.

Now that you've enjoyed the perspective of the chandelier, check out the viewpoint of the craftsman who forged the chandelier.